My story

Colorado Senate District 17 is a great place to call home. I've spent 30 years in Boulder County and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I have participated in a variety of community activities as a board member, volunteer, and community activist. I live in Lafayette, and before that I lived in Louisville, and before that in north Boulder. I am married now, but as a single mom I raised two boys who attended Boulder Valley Schools. One of my sons was a special needs student, and I know what it's like to have to fight to get resources for your child. My son had a pre-existing condition that made him ineligible for health insurance, and without the CHIP program he would have had no health care. There were some tough years when I had to watch every penny to make ends meet.

I've been involved as a fighter for good public policy all of my life.  I fought for farmworkers in the '80s and created a support group for women who had sons and partners in jail or prison. I wrote a book about farmworkers that was instrumental in helping change some of Texas's unjust labor laws. I have worked to abolish capital punishment and support alternatives to incarceration. I have helped law enforcement work to pass legislation to support an end to racial profiling. I support equal rights for all and legislation that makes that possible—such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and pay equity measures. I am a graduate of Emerge Colorado, the state's candidate training program for Democratic women, and I am a founding board member of that organization. I have advocated for citizens in neighborhoods affected by oil and gas development. 

During my career, I've worked in the federal government, in the Colorado state government, in several non-profit organizations, and as a public interest lobbyist for non-profit organizations. I have been honored for my hard work and dedication on behalf of policy issues that really matter.  The picture on this page is from an event in early 2018 where I was honored for my work on behalf of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Three accomplishments that I look back on with pride are:

  1. Lobbying to create the first-ever, state-budgeted funds for domestic violence services in Colorado.
  2. Saving the state's budget item for affordable housing.
  3. Creating the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity fund, which gives grants to jump-start recycling programs.

I have also been working to pass legislation to give citizens more rights when it comes to oil and gas development.  

There are lots of other past accomplishments I could point to, but I'd like you to join me in focusing on the future.

Tell  me what you think is important to address now and in the years to come, what issues are near and dear to your heart, and how your next State Senator can help. If you want me to hear from your organization, if you want to raise an issue, or if you have a concern about state government—I want to know. Please contact me to share comments, concerns, or to request a meeting. I also welcome and appreciate your endorsements and donations.