Dorothy Rupert, Former state senator

I worked with Annmarie Jensen for 15 years at the capitol. She is one of the hardest working and most dedicated advocates I have known. She understands that public policy is often complicated and is willing to listen carefully to understand all points of view, but then advocates fiercely for her causes. Annmarie has been exceedingly effective and I heartily endorse her for Senate District 17. 

Christine Berg, Mayor of Lafayette

Annmarie Jensen has testified before council in support of affordable housing, served on our Livable Lafayette task force, and on the planning commission.  She has demonstrated a commitment to affordable housing and a diverse, multi-modal community where people in all stages of life can live here.  I know she will share these values as a Senator.  Her years of experience in legislative advocacy will ensure that we are well represented.  I am proud to endorse her for Senate District 17. 

Claire Levy, Former Colorado State Representative

I have worked with Annmarie for more than ten years and seen first hand what a dedicated advocate she is for the public interest.  Whether it is affordable housing, victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, recycling or public safety, Annmarie brought her keen mind and big heart to the issue.  Annmarie will make an excellent State Senator.


leslie Durgin, mayor and boulder city council member (1989 - 1997) 

Annmarie and I have worked together on public policy issues for nearly 20 years. She is smart, strategic and very knowledgeable about the formal and informal processes of achieving policy and programmatic success in government. She will put her long experience with the Colorado Legislature as well as with numerous non-profit organizations to good service for her constituents and our community.


Eileen McCarron, President, Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action

For eight years, Annmarie Jensen lobbied for Colorado Ceasefire under the gold dome. From her vast experience there in lobbying for many public interest groups, she has an incredible expertise in the functions of Colorado’s legislative system, which are exhibited by the gun laws passed in 2013.  Following the Aurora Theater shooting, Jensen gathered critical groups together to address what we could do in Colorado to tighten our laws and end the repeated massacres.  This stakeholder’s group met over four months and hammered out a plank of bills.  I have always considered Annmarie Jensen the unsung hero of the 2013 firearms reforms.


Britta Fisher, Colorado Housing Investment Fund Chair

Annmarie knows how to get to the heart of a matter and connect with the hearts of others. Her professional representation of causes that matter has been superb. She knows how to see an issue from many sides and actively listen to divergent perspectives to build common ground. Her passion, perspective, and skill set make her a great choice for the Colorado Senate.


Stan garnett, Boulder County 20th Judicial District Attorney

I first met Annmarie Jensen when I was running for Attorney General in 2010. She introduced herself to me as I was walking to the Colorado Convention center. I asked what she did and she explained that she advocated in the legislature for various clients, especially law enforcement organizations and she offered to help me (a relatively new DA at the time) in any way.

As I matured in my position as Boulder DA, I relied on her often to evaluate legislative proposals and to strategize their passage. Annmarie is a thoughtful, progressive hard working person who knows thoroughly the inner workings of the legislature. She has also been helpful to me in working on issues in Boulder County. I consider her a good friend and a helpful ally.


Tony Garcia, Executive Artistic Director, Su Teatro

Annmarie Jensen is deeply committed to issues of racial equity and opportunity. She is extremely knowledgeable about the nuance and intricacies of issues affecting our communities and worked impressively on behalf of and in support of arts community activists who were striving to address issues of historical inequity in funding in small communities and for the racially and ethnically marginalized.  Annmarie brought her substantial skills to our efforts at no cost.  Her efforts were crucial in the establishment of  $12 million dollars in funding aimed at creating greater opportunity and capacity for those  communities. Her dedication is exemplary and impressive.  She is someone who has spent a life time applying her dedication, tenacity and strategy to work on behalf of the people who are often without such a champion.

John Morse, former State Senate President

I have worked with Annmarie Jensen for many years, and she is one of the most determined and dedicated advocates I have ever met.  She listens well and that helps her to craft solutions that are win-win for as many as possible.  She knows how to get legislation passed, and she will be an excellent Senator for the people of Eastern Boulder County. 

Maureen Cain, Former Policy Director, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

Annmarie is the hardest working woman that I know.  I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her at the Capitol.  She is a strong listener, a woman with the experience to understand the issues quickly and the insight to find common ground.

Although we were frequently on different sides of an issue, her professionalism and determination made working with her the best of what good government is about - finding a place where all views can be represented and respected.  


Barbara Paradiso, Domestic Violence Advocate and Administrator

I have had the pleasure of working with Annmarie Jensen as a colleague on nonprofit boards of directors and as a lobbyist.  I find her to be both insightful and thoughtful.  She listens carefully to the ideas and opinions of others and she has the backbone to stand up for what she believes in.  Annmarie is simply brilliant and I would be proud to have her represent me in the Colorado Senate.


Stella Yu (Arts Advocate)

We need people like Annmarie Jensen in government - passionate about issues for fairness, justice and equity. She was most generous with her time and expertise when the arts community needed her help.


Alana Smart, founding Executive Director of Housing Colorado!  2004 -2010

Guided by progressive values, AJ brings the savvy, smarts and passion to get things done at the Capitol.  As the lobbyist for Housing CO! she helped us grow the budget line for affordable housing and take advantage of opportunities to advance our agenda.  She'll hit the ground running at the Capitol and do as much good for her constituents as she did for her clients.


 Julie Gonzales, Senator-Elect for Senate District 34

"I am proud to endorse Annmarie Jensen for the Colorado Senate. As a young organizer, long before I ever dreamed of running for public office, Annmarie helped me learn how to navigate the Capitol and the nuances involved in policy-making. I believe that she will work tirelessly to protect and advance the rights of all Coloradans, regardless of their immigration status."